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Safe Kitchen Cooking Set For Children

Safe Kitchen Cooking Set For Children

Allow your kids to cook safely whilst teaching independence & life-long skills.

⦿ Teach cooking in a safe & fun way

⦿ 13 high-quality & child-safe tools

⦿ Bond through cooking

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How Does It Work?

🔪 Kids' Kitchen Cutting Kit – Safe & Fun Cooking!

🌟 Child-friendly knives with blunt edges.
🌈 Vibrant colors & comfy grips.
🍓 Teach cutting skills playfully.
🍴 Encourage healthy eating habits.
🚀 Unleash culinary creativity!
🧼 Easy to clean & dishwasher safe.

Make cooking an adventure! Get the kit today! 🍽️👨‍🍳👩‍🍳

Money-Back Guarantee

We stand behind the Kitchen Cooking Set with unwavering confidence. If you're not completely satisfied with its quality, we offer a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee as long as you meet the Refund Policy Criteria.

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we're committed to ensuring you experience the peace of mind you deserve.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery worldwide, regardless of your total amount.

Practice Cooking in a Safe & Fun Way

Teach your little ones how to cook without having to worry about bloody kitchens or accidents - use knives & different cutting tools and make delicious meals, knowing that it’s literally impossible for your kids to injure themselves using the safe kitchen set.

 Teach Appreciation & Independence

Practicing cooking at an early age is the base of every independent, successful person.

It’s easy for kids if they’ve been handed out meals their whole life, but when they start cooking by themselves, they’ll quickly realize that meals don't grow on trees & it takes a lot of effort to bring warm food on the table every day.

 non-toxic BPA-free materials

What’s Actually Inside The Package?

The package includes 4 different knives (large, medium, small & a bread knife), 1 peeler, 1 dinosaur shaped wooden cutter, 1 metal cutter, 3 uniquely shaped cutting frames (for transforming vegetables into cute figures like stars, hearts & animals!), 1 green large cutting board & 1 yellow large cutting board. 

 highest quality tools that withstand tough & playful use

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Did You Know...

In 2022, there were over 67,200 kitchen or knife-related serious injuries alongside kids. Join us & don't let your little ones become a part of the statistic.

  • of customers said that their kids are helping them with at least 1 meal per day.

  • of customers said that their children have become less picky & more gratefulfor warm meals.

  • of customers said that their kids have become more independent after regularly practicing cooking.

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Are the materials safe for children?

Yes, they are, we've used the highest quality plastic materials to provide the ultimate kitchen set for your little one.

Are the knives in the kit safe for kids?

Yes! The knives have blunt edges designed specifically for children's safety.

What age group is this kit suitable for?

The kit is ideal for kids aged 2 and up with adult supervision.

Can these knives cut fruits and veggies effectively?

Absolutely! Kids can learn basic cutting skills while having fun.

Is the kit easy to clean?Yes, it's a breeze!

The knives are easy to clean and can be safely placed in the dishwasher.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Wendy Brownings
Safe Kitchen set

I have just received the Kitchen Set after 20 days , it is very poorly presented ,the plastic bag was split and its definitely not worth the original cost.

Anjali Welch

The quality is very excellent, I do not know if it cuts the fruit or not, suitable for children,

Vidal Ward

Super and good quality, ship was fast

Sabina Cassin

Looks great. Can wait to use it with the kids

Agustina Yundt

Excellent product, my 5 year old son loved it and now he wants to help prepare meals and even the fruits he has eaten more because he himself cuts and has fun